Professional Nutritional Services

Angela Fryer MPharm DipNut mBANT CNHC


Optimising your diet can seem daunting and it may be hard to know where to start.  Whether it's weight management, low energy or bloating I can help you take that first step on your path to feeling better.

As well as general wellbeing advice I offer additional support with chronic medical conditions. Some examples I can help you with are:

  • Digestive issues e.g. IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, bloating

  • Skin conditions e.g. Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne

  • Food Allergies or food intolerance

  • Chronic Fatigue, MS, Fibromyalgia

  • Depression, anxiety, low moods

  • Hormonal imbalances e.g. PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause

  • Diabetes

  • Weight Management

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Sports Nutrition

Please feel free to contact me for any other conditions not listed


As a nutritional pharmacist, I will be reviewing any medications you may have and ensuring your nutritional needs safely complement your medical care.   I can also recommend high quality natural supplement formulations or functional testing if required.

Living with on-going ill health can be draining and limiting.  If your condition restricts your daily activities or you feel you can't enjoy certain activities anymore, then don't let it control you anymore and book a consultation today and we can work towards improving your quality of life!

Personalised Nutrition


1-1 Consultations are bespoke to each person and require several hours of research and planning by your nutritionist before and after each session. Whether you want help restocking your kitchen basics, meal ideas, shopping lists, recommended apps, cook books, reading lists or if you just want to ask lots of questions, I can work with you to put together a nutritional plan that fits around you.

Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays.

The Practice Rooms
226 North St

£120 Initial Consultation 75 minutes *

£95 Follow Up 45 -60 minutes (can be done via skype if required)

*cost can be offset if you wish to upgrade to a Nutritional health package after initial consultation

Initial consultations consist of a comprehensive health assessment of all body systems, medical history, current medication, lifestyle and diet. It enables me to research your individual case, focus on what your health goals are and which plan best suits you going forward. After your consultation, you will receive a detailed nutritional and lifestyle plan targeting the body systems that need support and how to do this on a practical level.

In order to review your progress and modify your plan if necessary, I recommend a minimum of 2 follow ups.


Nutritional Health


For most people a one-off consultation is unlikely to give optimum results as changing dietary & lifestyle habits overnight is not always realistic!

Packages are great for managing on going health conditions or for those who want a longer term plan that fits around individual lifestyles and that can be maintained.  We can’t be healthy all of the time so having a go-to plan tailored to you that you can fall back on can be invaluable for busy lives.

Revive 9 week Package
£295 (£98 /month)
save £15

Initial consultation + 2 follow ups
Personalised Nutritional Health Plan
2 revised health plans after follow ups
Nutrient packed recipes
Email support

Replenish 13 week Package £385 (£96/month)
save £20

Initial Consultation +3 Follow ups
Personalised Nutritional Health Plan
Personalised supplement plan if required *
3 revised health plans after follow ups
Nutrient packed recipes
Email support
Functional testing recommendations, ordering and results interpretation if required *

Rebalance package £675
Package duration adapted to suit specific needs
save £15

A 5-step personalised nutritional programme including:
Initial consultation + 4 follow ups, 5 nutritional health plans, recipes, functional testing & supplementation plan if required *
10% off selected high quality supplement orders
2 Weekly 20 min check in calls for Q&A
Phone and email support whenever needed

*functional test and supplement costs are not included

 Not sure which package is for you? Book your free 15 minute Health Call to discuss what is best for you!