Want to know how to improve energy levels and general health? What to eat for low moods, bloating and hormone balance? Or maybe additional support with a particular condition? With so much contradicting information out there it's hard sometimes to know what to do! Being a Healthy Living Pharmacist and Registered Nutritionist based in Bristol, I will provide you with the professional nutritional advice you can use to take control of your health and optimise your well-being and vitality.  If necessary, I can work with your G.P. or any other healthcare professional to ensure your health is tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Nature’s richness lies in its power to nourish all living things
— I Ching Book of Changes

At Higher Health, I believe our health is our freedom, allowing us to enjoy everything we do!  Although we can't always be healthy all of the time, improving resilience and overall health will mean we can help our bodies maintain better strength and vitality.

 With the right support from your registered Nutritional Therapist, you can make changes to your diet and lifestyle that will support you to feel the best you can!


What is Functional Testing?

Functional tests are used to assess how well the body’s systems are functioning. They enable your nutritionist to identify deficiencies or imbalances which may be contributing to your health issue. The test usually involves taking a saliva, breath, urine, hair or stool sample at home and is sent off for laboratory analysis.

Examples of when functional testing may be used:

  • Digestive function

  • Adrenal or thyroid hormone status

  • Sex hormone balance

  • Nutrient status

  • Toxic load

  • Parasitic infections

  • Gut microflora overgrowth

  • Food allergy/intolerance

  • Cardio/metabolic function

Functional testing can speed up the consultation process as they can be very useful to get to the root of many underlying health conditions which may be delaying or preventing recovery.

Clients receive a full report of test results. Results analysis, interpretation and advice is then provided by your nutritionist at your consultation with a Nutritional Health plan to follow within 48 hours.


Get Involved

Check out my Functional foods page for health tips and try out some tasty recipes!  This month we're focusing on gut and immune health and how to keep them both happy and healthy for the winter months.

I also offer 1 to 1 Nutritional consultations to help you take control of your health and get the best out of your body.