Healthy Hormones Workshop
1st June 12 - 3pm £30

Wild Wolfs Yoga
32 Saint Nicholas Street, Bristol, BS1 1TG

Do you sometimes feel like you're riding an emotional wave? Irritable? Feel low often? PMS? Anxiety?

Want to take control of your hormones rather than have them control you?

The female body is amazing and our hormones are a complex interaction of many different systems and communications. Certain lifestyle patterns can interrupt this balance causing mood swings and energy dips, particularly around the time of the month.

Join registered Nutritional Therapist Angela Fryer from Higher Health and London based yoga teacher Lizzy Edwards in this 3 hour workshop where we will be covering all the tips on how to maintain happy vibes with your hormones, which is absolutely essential for a happy life.

Lizzy will be sharing her yoga, meditation and other magical tools that she uses to keep herself happy, daily - with or without the sun!

What to expect :

  • 75 min yoga class

  • Hormone links to PMS, menopause, PCOS, low moods

  • Tips to support healthy hormone balance

  • How to incorporate nutrient dense foods into a busy daily lifestyle

  • Recipe handouts

  • Yummy hormone healthy snacks

  • Exclusive 10% off 1-1 nutritional health consultations at Higher Health

  • Q & A

    Open to all levels